Client vs Server array working differently?

Hello folks, I’m truly confused with this one. I’m working on a turn-based card game and each player has a “hand” array with a collection of names. When the server adds a card to its hand it adds it to the next slot, however, when the client player does it seems to be adding at the end of the max hand size it was i.e if they drew 5 cards originally and now they were down to 2 it would add the card on the 6th slot of the array. I have tried some troubleshooting and googling but cannot figure this out. I am posting the screenshots of blueprints that I think are relevant.

Any help/feedback would be much appreciated! :cool:

(re-read cards just takes the cards 0-6 and sets the text for the buttons)

did you try setting it to “Wumbo”?