Client Travel to Server fails with seamless Travel enabled

I have successfully implemented the SessionInterface into my project. But when I switch to using “AGameMode::bUseSeamlessTravel = true”, I can no longer connect a client to a listen server.

When I am joining a Session, I simply call IOnlineSession::JoinSession. When the associated delegate fires, I use IOnlineSession::GetResolvedConnectString to get the URL to call APlayerController::ClientTravel and immediately connect to the server. I am also logging out that URL, and noticed that it’s different when I am using SeamlessTravel: with SeamlessTravel enabled and with SeamlessTravel disabled.

This is all done using my PC, my Android phone and OnlineSubsystem Null.

Any help for getting Seamless Travel to work is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Did you manage to work out what the problem was? I’m having the exact same issue now

Yeah I’m having exactly this too, five years later…

Anyone know?

Hey all. This should be fixed in 5.1 but was broken prior. Go give it a shot

5.1? I’m on UE4.27 “Plus”

Still not fixed yet