Client to server to other clients replication

I have turret which can be possessed by the player to shoot projectiles. The projectiles are thrown around at random intervals by random amount. This logic is in the projectile BP. Now I want this random behaviour to be replicated to every other client. The game is run on dedicated server. So client->server->other clients. When ever I try to replicate, the random behaviour runs either on the owning client or the non-owning client. Not both.
I’m using delay node to determine the random interval so it cannot be run on repnotify.
Do I have run the logic on game state or somewhere else than the projectile so it can be reliably be seen by everyone?

Check out page 8 of the Network Compendium.

Looks like your best bet is to put your logic in the GameState, a PlayerState, or a Pawn.

Thank you very much for the link!

No problem! If that resolves your issue, don’t forget to check the checkmark next to this answer so that others know this is resolved.

I’m on vacation so I have only been reading about the subject and I understand the whole concept alot better. I will comment when I get home to work on it.

Got it working by generating a seed in the server and sending it to clients which do the calculating based on the seed. The seed effects the turbulence interval and the strength of the turbulence.

Is it safe to do it this way? Can it be hacked?