Client side level load on death

Hi, I’m new to the forums and new to Unreal Engine. So my lexicon of terms and familiarity with the system is raw. I’ have been abel to turn the the top down example into a multiplayer system. With dedicated server, and direct IP string login. For the prototype I would like it when the pawn/player dies. The player disconnects and leaves by going to the MainMenu map. Un fortunatly at this time if a player dies the dedicate server goes to the main menu. So I’m having difficulties distuiguising how and who leaves the combat map and goes to the main menu.

so here is the break down flow of how things are working

  1. Run short cut to start server on the combat map
  2. two different devices start the game(PIE and Android Build)
  3. players click join/play
  4. connects and the system takes them to the battle map
  5. play is done. and 1 player get’s killed
  6. PIE, Android and Server all go to the MainMenu MAP( unintened )

What I want to happen is
1-5. All the same
6. Killed player only goes to the MainMenu Map

Ultimatlly just a simple Drop in and out game mode.

I finally managed to solve this. As I thought, it was more a matter of unfamiliarity. I created a new event which runs on the actors owner client side.

Replicates: Run on Owning client