Client side animations jitter

Hi there,

When I move left, right and backwards my characters jitter around, I thought it was because the animations were being replicated and causing problems but its not. I’m not sure what I can do. Does anyone know any fixes?


Are you running as a client connecting to a dedicated server?

If you run dedicated server, then each client will have the same jittering issue.

I’m having this problem 3 years later - Anyone able to solve? :expressionless:

I’m on engine 4.21.2

I found the solution to my problem, and because I’m sure others will have this problem as well, I figured I’d post my solution. These variables exist in the character movement component, and I’m not sure what a “safe” range would be for listen servers but basically I adjusted really far down to make sure I was modifying the proper variable, then turned it up until I noticed a little jitter, then back down until it was smooth.

I still have to test over steam servers and see if the value I adjusted to is sufficient and make sure I’m not causing lag by pushing updates too frequently. So I recommend changing that Smooth location / rotation time but I’m not able to recommend values for those just yet.


update: This worked on client-side, but made things worse for the listen server. Also tested on dedicated servers. It appears to update your client properly, but other clients also have issues updating position as quickly as I’d expect.