Client-side AI movement, sent from the server

Hello. I am making a board-game style game and I want it so that the server tells the client which square to move a character and then it does it. My main issue is that the client doesn’t have an AI controller by default so the only way the character can move is by the server moving the character and then it is replicated to the client. My characters are a child of the actor “Character”.

I basically just need it so that the client can move AIs by itself using the “Move to location or actor” node.

I want to change it to make it run better on the client if they have a bad connection to the server as sometimes the replication can be a bit glitchy and slow. Everything to do with gameplay is calculated server-side so if the client hacks and moves the character by themselves, it doesn’t matter because it’s only visual.


Hey bro
Did you find any way to do that ??