Client-side AI Controller

I am doing some POC playing around with networked AIControllers and movement. For now, I just need to be able to move an AI controlled pawn client-side.
So I am spawning and posessing the Actor manually in the Client, which works well.
Then, I am calling MoveToLocation() function from the AIController. When the function is called on the server, the Actor attempts to move correctly (using pathfinding etc). However, when it is called on the client, the Actor doesn’t attempt to move at all.
The option ‘allow client side navigation’ is enabled as well.


Looks like you need to look over your replication on your events. It might be set to only play server-side and not client side.
You either need to set it to client-side, or both.
IMO, AI moving should be a client-only thing, as you’ll need the server to do more important things, like crunching damage and scoring.
Just my thoughts.

I see, I am quite sure that the RPC is firing client-side since I can track it in the debugger. I can manage with moving only on the client, still it is not happening and I am not sure which configuration or procedure should I follow: The AI controller does exist on Client, the RPC is arriving to the client, and client movement is enabled on project settings.

Does u find any way to do that
I also have the same problem
Plz reply
It’s really important