Client-server multiplayer and google play services

I am completely new to game development and even UE, but my question is I want to create a multiplayer client-server game so will i need a wifi router/its IP address for creating my server ?? Can i create a client server turn based/real time multiplayer android game with google play services using c++?? Does that need wifi router/IP address too?? Thanks for your answer…

I don’t think the router ip address comes into play.

For testing purposes, if you build a dedicated server and run it on another computer on your network, the client will require the ip address of that computer in order to connect.

If you host your dedicated server on the internet, the clients will require the ip address of the host.

querries clients andd etc. luckily if you know c++ sql not to hard

Thanks for your reply

Hi. I like seeing new people getting interested in game development as it is certianly a hobby I really enjoy. So, multiplayer client-server game is your end goal and you are new to UE4? If you are familiar with C++ in UE4 there are some good tutorials out there for you. If you are not familiar with C++ I suggest learning the basics of that as well as the basics of data structures in programming before even starting multiplayer games. You could also start and prototype in Blueprints as well if you really just want to jump into game development. No matter the route, I support it, but I suggest learning the basics first.

With all of that being said, it is usually easier to understand what questions you need to ask. For instance, you are asking about setting up your router and connecting to a server. It seems like you might want to search how “host discovery” works as well as setting up “port forwarding” on your router as well as “configuring your firewall for outbound and inbound connections”. Those would help you learn some of the basics involving finding connections to a game server. Another option is to sign up for a trial of Azure or Amazon AWS and set up a virtual machine to host your server. But then you need to learn how to use those tools and configure them.

That is a lot.

So, out of the box in the editor in Unreal Engine 4 you can test Client-Server multiplayer games on your local network. So, here is a big dump of a lot of resources you should check out on multiplayer game engine design, games, and UE4 multiplayer games.

These are just a few good resources to get started with. Enjoy!

But what about google play services multiplayer … How to enable it in turn based/ real time multiplayer android games

Here is a wealth of resources.

I guess you should try updating google play services, let me find a good working link for the same…

I guess updating google services can solve this problem

from future i have the same problem of getting some information in how to use real time multiplayer for android game i hop that the history of the UE4 my question to people from the past
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