Client server communication when exported to HTML5

Hello guys,

Our company intends to create HTML5 3D games with client server communication. We are looking for the right medium for this purpose.
In UDK4 all programming should be done in C++, then exported to HTML5/Javascript via Emscripten and everything should work fine.
My question is if UDK4 can export HTML5 content with networking? And if yes, does that mean that UDK4 converts all networking code written in C++ to corresponding Javascript code and techniques without any need for additional work?
If this is not the case then should the networking be built in Javascript separately, and be linked later to the exported HTML5/Javascript code?
Or something else?

Sorry if my question seems stupid to somebody, but I am very new to Unreal Engine and I am not fully aware of its workflow.

Thank you

I would be very interested in knowing this too. Also whether or not exporting to HTML5 has made it through in 4.1 update?