Client send request, dedicated server respond (with POST request)

What is best way to achieve the following:
Client have login form (username and password)
Server handles client request (username and password), check and return response to selected client who sent it

So basically I was thinking to create another project just for dedicated server (with VaRest) plugin. When the server receive client request it sends POST to remote server and get answer (it’s basically php script that checks usernname and password, for example).
Client side does not have VaRest plugin at all. It only receive the answer from the server.

Is this proper way to do it, or I can check it directly form the client (send POST request)?

VaRest is a very simple way if you want to do it from Blueprints. If you use GET or POST does not matter much here if you only send ASCII data (username, password, variables), you can also send that via GET, depending on your php site.

With C++ there are loads of tutorials about doing HTTP GET and POST, then you don’t need the VaREST plugin.