Client PS4 unplug Network cable doesn't fire APlayerController::Destroyed() on Server


I try to handle when a player is leaving a multiplayer game.

On PC there is no problem. APlayerController:: Destroyed() is call, but not when a PS4 player kill his process.

1/ Do you know how should I handle it ?
2/ Why the controller isn’t destroy ?

I dig a little bit and saw something with the Client connections not clean up.
3/ Should it be fix in the engine ?

Thank you for your help,

Do not post PS4 questions in the open forums…
There’s a closed sub forum for this. (because NDAs)

Ok sorry, I don’t find the forum. Do you have the link or an invitation to the closed subforum ?

If you have PS4 access, you need to fill out this form and ask for your forum account to be granted permission to see the private forums.

Thanks for your answer