Client ping exceeds 10000 until I change t.maxfps

I’m running into a very strange but serious issue. When I attempt to test my game in the editor with 4 client windows, it will take an astronomical amount of time for any of them to respond to commands. Anything under 4 players works normally.

It feels as though the ping of each of the 4 clients is well over a few seconds. However, when I enter the console command t.maxfps and change it to anything under 144fps, the lag suddenly stops and I can play normally again.

Has anyone run into this issue before? If so what was your fix?

Well I haven’t had that issue, but maybe I can help ease the difficulty of dealing with it.

You can make a change to your project’s DefaultEngine.ini config to automatically cap your editor to a maximum frame rate, so that you don’t have to keep typing t.maxfps each time you want to test.

Here’s what I use to automatically cap my editor to 50 fps. (I do it to reduce heat, noise, and power usage because I very rarely need the editor to run at very high frame rates).


Again, that would go in your DefaultEngine.ini file in your project, or in BaseEngine.ini if you don’t want this change to propagate out to anyone else working on the project.

Maybe give that a try and see if it makes life a bit easier for you!

That is a decent work around for sure. Right now I just have my game mode blueprint execute a console command to automatically set it when the game is launched, but that seems so much better.