Client Pawn Possession - Component Movement Issue

Having an issues with a client character taking possession of a pawn and just getting some of the internal components to move around.

The goal what I am trying to do here is what is shown in the video, the first being when the server character is taking possession of the pawn. The pawn sets the camera component to the last world location/rotation of the Server/Client player camera and the camera component of the pawns blueprint moves to its designated location. However this is not the case with the client player even though the client is being shown to have authority.

Ill keep intro wording short for now but here is a screen grab of the possession logic in the pawn and a video showing what the problem is.

Thanks ahead of time to anyone that can offer any advice or direction.



Just so you know gray text is impossible to read on the dark themeā€¦

If you are on the Pinterest page of the image you can select it to bring up a full size image if that is what you were talking about the blueprint graph logic image.
Hopefully this link will bring up a bigger image of the graph, if so then I will change the link to the image but other than that do you have any idea as to what may be going on here?