Client not dealing damage to server

I have a Blueprint setup that is not dealing damage to the player when client is shooting the server. Obviously…Server can deal damage to client. What i have right now is Character Blueprint that calls a Run On Server Event on my Weapon_Master class. That event calls another event which does a line trace to check for player and deal damage. Here is the setup:

Character Blueprint:

Weapon_Master Blueprint (Handle Firing function updates the ammo count and calls Fire Weapon event):

Weapon_Master (Fire Weapon event). Both Client and Server shows the Weapon Fired log:

I also tried creating a custom event in Character Blueprint called TakeDamage and calling it from Weapon_Master Blueprint but still no luck. The Apply Damage Breakpoint triggers from client but Event Any Damage never triggers from client. :frowning:

Like this:

Issue solved. Big thanks to Omar007! In this post he explained how he fixed the issue.

Here is the C++ code i made as part of my custom C++ Blueprint Function Library:

Header file:

UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "MyCustomCategory")
static void SetNewOwner(AActor* NewOwner, AActor* Weapon);

Source file:

void USplashivBPLibrary::SetNewOwner(AActor* NewOwner, AActor* Weapon)
	if (!NewOwner == NULL && !Weapon == NULL)

I will mark your question as resolved. Feel free to reopen it if you run into problems again.