Client no longer follows server upon Open Level BP node

The last couple of days I had a version where testing multiplayer locally with 2 game instances from the editor or a packaged version was possible.

I connect to one another in the main menu map and when the server loads the gameplay map, the client would follow. But since yesterday the client no longer loads the map and remains in the main menu map.
(I can imagine that I have to have a lobby map both server and client join into, but I am wondering why it used to work with just a main menu and gameplay map)

I tested an older version where it used to work, but that also has this issue now.

I am using the advanced session plugin. The steam appid is the default/dev “Spacewars”.
Running through different steam accounts on two different machines works fine still.

Are you using server travel inside your game mode and have the check mark box ticked? There is a little logic that needs to be set up for it to work properly if you hadn’t done that already… The game mode needs to call the server travel on all the clients or they won’t go anywhere.

Hey thanks for your tip. I tried server travel with the listen option. But also any other method I could find: open map, console command

Do I understand your suggestion correctly, I would run a multicast event of the travel node? I am wondering because The game mode only runs on the Server, so I am not sure how or where to run that code.

Chain of events would be: server runs create session, client searches for session and joins, connection is established. Host presses start match button in UI which runs the multicast load level in the gamemode

I do believe you have it just about correct. I have good logic set up that works perfectly for this that I can post when I get back to my PC. I think you have to specify “ServerTravel” in the node. Don’t quote me too quickly on that because I need to look back to verify what I have exactly set up, but you’re not far off at all. I’ll post it for you soon.

I think I got it now. The travel node certainly seems like the key I was missing. I will have to test some more over the actual internet to be sure. Thanks for your help in any case :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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