Client movement jitter due to high FPS [4.18.3]


We’re encountering a strange issue with our multiplayer game. We have noticed that a client which has 200+ FPS gets small movement jittering when moving left, right forward and backward.
The movement for the players is handled by the character movement component which does all of the replicating automatically. We didn’t change anything about that and are simply using the “add movement input” nodes as provided by default.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue? Is this something that is known and being worked on? Are there potential fixes / workarounds?

We’ve looked into capping the FPS but this only seems possible when enabling smoothFramerate which we want to avoid at any cost as this introduces input and mouse lag which completely ruins the experience of our game.

As long as the FPS remains under 150 FPS the problem goes away, but as soon as the FPS rises above 150 the jittering occurs. The higher the framerate the worse it gets.

The jittering itself looks like teleporting but in microdistances.

Engine version is 4.18.3

I noticed de-syncing over the network as well with high fps over 200. Of course it happens with physics simulations as well. You could try lowering the network update rate within character blueprint, and also under mesh component in char blueprint enable “update rate optimizations”.

Ok thanks! I’ll try that :slight_smile:

Thank you for this solution! This fixed a lot of animation jitter even when the pose wasn’t changing. This fixed my issue even without multiplayer, so as of 2020 this is still good!