Client generated -server


I’ve downloaded from github, the source, and I have switched to version 4.10.1 (not 4.11) to generate editor.
I ve created a new ue4 C++ project, and have developed in blueprint some simple movement.
I ve packaged the game for windows, and it produced to me an executable.

Reading the documentation, it seems you can lanch the executable with -server flag, to make a dedicated server.
I ve launche myproject.exe myLevel -server -log.
On the log, there is no mention of server listening, and the exe launch to me a client with my level, and a window with all the scene and ability to move the pawn (not the server behavior expected).

Is there a trick I missed?

Thank you

The problem was I launch the ue4editor from epic release, not build by myself.
You have to move your project folder, under root folder of unrealengine you clone from git.
And next from rootUE4\engine\binaries\win64, you can launch ue4editor projectNAme mapName -server -log, and it is a dedicated server.

on epic release, you can’ t launch dedicated server.