Client does not replicate animations if far away from server

Hello everyone,

We are creating a third person shooter multiplayer game but are just now struggling with a replication issue that we cannot seem to figure out. As seen in the video, the client (right side) is unable to see the “fly” animation that the server (left side) is doing. This distance issue also effects any functions that the server does as well. Such as if the server throws a grenade, the client cannot see the grenade thrown nor does the client see the particle explosion. However, if the distance between the client and server characters is lessened, then the animations and functions play just fine. Also, if the server executes an attack (firing rifle) while at a great distance, then the client can see the correct animation or function until the server goes into another flying animation. The server sees everything just fine no matter the distance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.