Client Crash (sometimes) with "StaticDropNewItem"

Hey guys

got a clientside crash on my mod but not everytime? I post the crash and the Graph-Part down below.

I really love the idea P0ker use in his Starkwars mod when u kill a enemy he droppes items to pick up so i tried to rebuild it (just u need to know what im trying to do)

Maybe someone got any tips or fixes for that? I use custom Meshes aswell.

EDIT: I create a copy of the Default DroppedItem BP and just add my custom static meshes in. They got collision but falls sometime through the world.

The Crash:

its crashing cause u set it up wrong this is how i use it for mine snow machine

ok thanks i give it a try.

update : still crashes sometime.
any other ideas?
maybe add a custom event for it? (ROS or ROC) ? Its just fires from a EBP for now. Maybe thats the issue