Client connecting with invalid version

I have built a dedicated Win64 server from source but when I connect to it from a binary client I get:

LogNet: NotifyControlMessage: Client connecting with invalid version. LocalNetworkVersion: -787236881, RemoteNetworkVersion: 1753213911

Looking at the engine code in FNetworkVersion::GetLocalNetworkVersion() I can see that there are several steps in the checksum. The logs also show several differences:

Win 64 Client 4.13.2 Binary/Launcher:

LogNetVersion: GetLocalNetworkVersion: CL: 3106830, ProjectName: tpgame, ProjectVersion: , EngineNetworkVersion: 1, GameNetworkVersion: 0, NetworkChecksum: 3397612231

Win 64 Server 4.13.2-release tag. Github source:

LogNetVersion: GetLocalNetworkVersion: CL: 0, ProjectName: tpgame, ProjectVersion:, EngineNetworkVersion: 1, GameNetworkVersion: 0, NetworkChecksum: 3507730415

So why is the “ENGINE_NET_VERSION”/“BUILT_FROM_CHANGELIST” different in a binary and source engine?

I also seem to have lost “ProjectVersion” in the binary build but found it again in the source build. Where was it hiding, and how do I bring back in the binary build?

I found out why “ProjectVersion” was missing in the binary build. The Editor UI says “” but the Editor is displaying the default value from the BaseGame.ini file and not the (missing) value from DefaultGame.ini. So that was an easy fix but it had me fooled for while that the value was actually set.

However the Changelist issue is not solved. I checked Github and I can’t get any other value than 0: Version.h

So how is the workflow for Client-Server testing? I really don’t want to make and distribute source built clients during alpha testing.

I’m having the same issue. Hope someone can anwer this question.

Out of interest, why not just build the Client from the same source branch as the server? Package size won’t be much different, if at all.

I had the same issue. Packaging both the client and the server from the source engine fixed the issue. I downloaded 4.26 from GitHub but it was actually 4.26.2 hence my server didn’t match my client.
The UE documentation is brilliant.
Setting Up Dedicated Servers | Unreal Engine Documentation