Client connecting with invalid version, using same version

Why would I recive this message from server log when connecting with client?

[510]LogNet: NotifyControlMessage: Client connecting with invalid version. LocalNetworkVersion: 553163894, RemoteNetworkVersion: 343017667

In client log localNetworkVersion reads: LocalNetworkVersion: 553163894

both server and client started with -NOSTEAM


We’ve assigned a member of our team to look into this issue, and we’ll post here if we need any additional information. Thanks for report!

Thanks, I’ll try to investigate more on my end soon and see If I can get some different results, will post back if I find anything.


Hey again,

Just to be sure, are both Server and Client using same .exe and content? Are they both on same platform? And this is 4.8.2, correct?

Hi. Yes, or well server used dedicated server executable, and client used game client executable, both where from same project build on win 64bit (computers running win7). I think it was 4.8.2 but it could have been 4.8.1. If I can manage to clear some hdd space I’ll try to repeat dedicated server process again and report back.


I still can’t reproduce this here. Have you had a chance to test again? If so, please do so with -log and attach logs for Server and Client, please. Thanks!

Hi. I’ll try this soon, I have to clear up disk space to be able to download github version again, I might possibly wait for 4.9 to release, I’ll get back when I have some results! Thanks for your assistance.

Sounds good! I’ll resolve this post for now, but please reply here again when you’ve had a chance and we’ll look into it some more. Thanks!

Hey, So this has just started happening for me. Everyone using same .exe and everything. (Engine 4.10) Here be log:
link text


Can you include Client log as well? I’m guessing you’ve already checked, and it also says LocalNetworkVersion is 2043442851?

I’m not sure what would cause this. Does this occur in new projects as well? Did this not happen with this same project earlier, and now it does? Do you remember changing anything between then and now that involves your networking functionality?

And just to be doubly sure, are both client and server using same platform? Both PCs, same OS? Does it affect any multiplayer functionality, or is it just a NotifyControlMessage?

It may be worth sending me a link to project as well, if you don’t mind, so I can enter a bug report with a repro case. You can send me a download link here, if you decide to do that:


Hi, ive finaly had time (and disk space) to explore this further. With latest 4.10.1 source build, im having no problems hosting a dedicated server with -NOSTEAM and having clients either using steam or not, join server with no connection issues. Thanks for your time!

we are here trying to IP-connect a simple session togehter for a future HTC Vive session. When working with same project demo project we get following in log.

LogNet: NotifyControlMessage: Client connecting with invalid version. LocalNetworkVersion: -315694076, RemoteNetworkVersion: 69432638

We can sent you test-project if you still looking into this issue.

Kind regards,

Okay, we had one client with an UE 4.13.0 and two clients 4.13.2. Just take check this first if you encounter same problem.