Client -> Client replication: Not possible with properties?

For replicating behaviour of a particle system based on the input of one player, I’m using a server RPC which calls a NetMulticast RPC (both unreliable, since only cosmetics).

I’ve read on several places in forum and answerhub, that RPCs are more expensive than replicated properties? Question one: Is that true e.g. when both carry the same amount of data, let’s say a single float?

So I did some trials with replicated properties, however it didn’t work for me for Client → Client or Client → ListenServer (only ListenServer → Client). I assume b/c of “property updates only come from the server (i.e., the client will never send property updates to the server)”.

Is it correct that it is not possible to use replicated properties or are there ways to make Client->Client property replication possible? (without changing the Engine code :wink: )