Client Character wont rotate

Hey Everyone. I Have been trying to figure this out for about 3 days now and have NO luck. So i’m trying play around with networking with a top down style game. the characters rotation follows the mouse location. The character always faces the mouses direction. It works perfect on the Server and i can see the servers character rotating on the client screen, but I just cant get my clients character to rotate. when playing with a dedicated server I cant get any rotation from any client whats the deal? Below are some blueprints of what i have so far.

I have no idea what i’m doing if these blueprints are very bad feel free to tell me. id much rather start from scratch then spending another 3 days trying to find the answer. Although i value all of your suggestions and anything would help, if you can provide a blueprint example of the points you are trying to get across that would help me tremendously. Thank you all!

solved here.