Client can't see other clients objects and attachments.

Hello. Recently, I’ve been developing a singleplayer game but decided to convert it to multiplayer. I can not figure out why the client/server can’t see one another’s objects. For instance, when the server holds a weapon attached to their left hand, the client only sees the amination but not the object itself, or the bullets/emitters coming out of it. The same applies to the building mechanics. When the client (or server) place an object, they can see it themselves, but other clients in different windows can’t see the object they placed. I’m not too good at multiplayer client/server mechanics, but I want to know why one can see an object while another can’t. I know why it doesn’t work with some animations, but not with objects or attachments. All help is appreciated :)!

How are your server and multicast events set up, can we get a screenshot?

Ensure that the actor or w/e has replicated ticked in it’s settings, also ensure that it is replicating movement.