Client cant see animation montage but server can.

Hey guys,

I set up a vault/climbing system previously in Unreal Engine 4 and decided to make a dedicated server to test it with a friend, I have been learning about replicating things and just playing around in general and am starting to understand some things, having watched an Epic games networking guide as well as other Youtube videos on the subject. I have made the basic movement prone crouch etc replicate and am now having a different issue.

The way my vault works is, when I hit space, I decide on an animation based on my tracer, then call a blueprint interface function which passes some variables throught to my animation blueprint, this then sets my variables and plays my montage. When the montage notify is hit, I stop my montage, and my State machine kicks in and puts my in a pose based on the variables I brought in. So for example hanging off the wall. It works perfectly in singleplayer.

I have attempted to set up this in multiplayer but must be understanding something wrong. I found a similar question on here and tried to copy it but it didnt seem to work, could anybody please explain why this wont work??

Thank you very much for any advice.

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This is just a toss in the dark (I don’t use montage nodes in this way, I haven’t tried), But it looks like you may have to feed in a target. Your friend might be trying to play a montage on targetself instead of target-el-you but is not in a position for the montage to do anything, so he sees nothing. I don’t think just passing through your self reference works. You may have to set up a custom controller ID integer and pass that through, then on the other client’s side, get controller ID using that integer and get that controller’s pawn, then cast to that pawn’s montage and plug that into the target.