Client build - Prevent default connection to 7777

Hello! I did google for some time but didn’t manage to find useful info. So the question is how do you what the default map (main menu) doesn’t request any connection or creates a server instance? I want the default entry map to be very dumb and do nothing unless i order it, so you can connect to a server later on from the menu.

i don’t want this part

Bump. it’s really important, how you handle this the right way? i want to have a map for the main menu, which doesn’t try to connect to any server and doesn’t reloads the map after the timeout. It sounds very trivial but i couldn’t find how to do so. And yes i am talking about dedicated server and client model. in case of standalone it connects to itself and you don’t get this problem.

? how do you have a dedicated server without networking?

dedicated server host the gameplay map, not the main menu one.

seems like i elaborate not clear enough. my problem is what client build tries to connect to a server even i don’t need it (for the map to work) it’s purely client side map just with a menu. but it still tries, fails and reloads this map… (and i get a reload loop with network connection timeout value delay)

I’m not sure what you did to cause it to try to connect to a server automatically, but whatever you did … undo it … is unfortunately the only advice i can give, because that’s not the normal behavior

btw to answer the question you need to launch client with -port 0 this will prevent automatic connection (probably you could do the same in ini file)


but i didn’t try myself