Client animation state won't update when not being rendered by the server. [SOLVED]


I’am having an issue with animation since the beginning of last week, any inputs is very appreciate. (Blueprint game)

I have a co-op game working fine, except one major bug. When a client player picks a weapon when not being rendered by se server, his animation state wont update until he becomes visible for the server again. The animation state works for the client works, the character stays at the correct pose when holding the gun.

We use the tip of the gun to create a projectile when the player shoots. When the client shoots, the projectile hits the ground near his foot, like if his pose animation is EmptyHands and not HoldingGun. But visually, everything appears fine.

Now, when this client appears on the server screen, his pose gets updated and everything works fine. until he drops his gun, and picks another (while not being rendered by the server.)

I double check my variables replication and Rpc’s, but can’t find why this is happening. Looks like the server think my client animations are not relevant , Idk.

Any help is appreciated.


Found the culprit. The behavior triggered me to think it was a relevancy/optimization thing, and it was!

Skeleton Mesh Details panel> Optimization > Visibility Based Anim Tick Option

Set it to Always Tick Pose And Refresh Bones.