Clicks on editor widget not detected when windows do not have focus (OSX)

Hi Guys,

On 4.8 (P4), widgets do not accept button clicks when the containing window is not in focus. Here is an example video on OSX using the same screen. The main editor windows is sharing the same screen as the secondary editor window:

In the video, notice that I initially click the play button in each window that doesn’t have focus. The editor does not play. When I click in a window that doesn’t have focus and then click again, the editor responds. This is the same behavior in either window.


Hey TommyBear,

I was able to confirm what you are reporting here. I have gone ahead and entered a bug report for this issue UE-16494.

We appreciate you taking the time to report this issue and ask that if you have further questions or concerns to please not hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Andrew Hurley

Wonderful Andrew… thank you very much for taking the time to test this for me!