Clicks and pops Trigger delay + ADSR in Metasound

Building a generative synth in Metasound, and want to have random timings for note duration. I have come up with a working system for handling polyphony and taking advantage of ADSR curve. I am generating random time values and using a combination of trigger delay to trigger the release of an audio ADSR (in the image it is note off). Once the Release is done (ADSR on done) I allow a new note to come in and trigger again. All works well, but I have these very annoying clicks happening when the trigger delay triggers. Clicks do not appear if manually triggering. I tried to defer the noteoff trigger, use ADSR float, truncating time (I had this issue once solved a similar issue by truncating values) but nothing… Any ideas?

Edit 1: here a video explainging what is happening UE 5.1.1

I answer myself for further reference. After long testing, rebuilding and the usual hours spent in analysing what is not going (if me or the machine) I found out that the problem was in an ADSR float which modulated a Cutoff frequency value for a Ladder filter. I was trying to emulate a classic synth behaviour and binding Velocity to ADSR amount etc., but the curve modulation result created these pop and clicks sounds as soon as the release of the ADSR was triggered. Funny thing is that triggering the voices via BP + MIDI input was working as expected (no glitches). The values were mapped and clamped to avoid going out of a certain range (the problem was actually in the clamping). I am using another strategy now combining an LFO with the ADSR float and the thing smoothed a lot. Of course the thing got critical on Low Frequencies. I also found out that if the note is released before the Attack ramp arrives to destination, in a float aDSR, then it will glitch. I was assuming that the ADSR flot would stop the attack ramp wherever it was and trigger the release, but apparently it is not the case. Maybe someone can confirm this behaviour. Thanks in any case