Clicking to rotate a box

Hey everyone. I’m not a programmer by any means, more of a modeler and animator, so this might be super simple. I am trying to create a VR experience that you walk through and watch things happen. Periodically there are puzzles that need to be solved. In the pic below you will see that I have 4 stacks of generic blocks. What I’m trying to do is to make a block rotate 90 degrees when clicked on. I have tried different things with no success. I’ll be doing this with the visual scripting as to do actual code is what I call “real work” and I’m a lazy lazy man lol. I tried to use matinee but that was not the correct thing to do so now I must ask ye for some assistance. I appreciate any thoughts.

Block_Turn copy.jpg

Turn the cubes into actors, and then on click use that to turn using blueprints. Click on Actor is an Event already. I believe you can rotate an actor through blueprints quite easily.

Try to use a timeline like :

in this example the chest opens / closes when you walk in out.
Based on the same idea, use a “on click” event (if you want, you can use a “on component click” (right click on a component in the and move only one block of the three, or more) to rotate your blocks (use the play from start instead of play and don’t use reverse.)
If your mouvement goes weird, be sure that you rotate in the right axe and check the origin of your mesh (it has to be at center to be ok.)

Thank you so much. I appreciate the assist :slight_smile:

If you have issues don’t hesitate to come back and ask for more help.