Clicking on the ListView and its children breaks the touch

UInputComponent* InputComp;

	InputComp->BindTouch(EInputEvent::IE_Pressed, this,&xxxxxxx::TouchPressed);
	InputComp->BindTouch(EInputEvent::IE_Repeat, this, &xxxxxxx::TouchRepeat);
  1. 在划动屏幕中,另一个手指点击ListView或其子项 Item,这个时候会调用 TouchReleased() .这次一的滑屏就算失效了。Listview和其 item 的 IsFocusable 设置为false,也依然会打断。

  2. 如果是手指touch 划动到 Listview 上面,抬起手指,无法响应 TouchReleased()

1.From the Touch screen, The other finger click on the ListView or its child Item, TouchReleased () will be called.This time, the slider is disabled.The ListView and its item IsFocusable set to false will also interrupt.

2.If the touch Move on the ListView, lift the finger, cannot respond to the touch released ().

Hello. Do you try to capture mouse by touch widget?

hi,I’m using mobile phone to do this。

I am experiencing the same problem in version 4.26. Did you ever find a solution?