Clicking on Marketplace gives coming soon?


i just opened the launcher today and decided that i should finally look at the marketplace, however everything says “coming soon”. even the stuff which they showed at their panel / presentation / whatever you want to call it.

is that normal? just asking :slight_smile:

I have to say that the aesthetic on the thing is superb!!! so polished!!!

thanks :slight_smile:

i have the same thing !

Just restart and relogin a few times, because sometimes it’s a little bit laggy :wink:

It happens usually in two cases, first and mostly when you open up the launcher. Either way check the left side panel, if it’s saying “finding apps”, or “please wait…” or something in this regard, it means you have to wait for it till the message is gone and all the coming soon buttons will go away with it. Otherwise if you see a message like “No content found”, it means you have no choice but to restart the launcher.

thanks for all the responses, just tried again still getting the same thing; “Coming soon”. im gonna keep trying though.

on the side panel it says “No content found :frowning: click here to get some”.

maybe it has to do with the fact that my subscription has been cancelled?

Yes, you must be currently subscribed to use the asset store.

ahh ok, thats it then.

that sorta sucks though :frowning:

anyway, thanks guys :slight_smile: