Clicking on a particle system


I have a Town Portal particle system. I want to be able to:

  • have no collision on the particle system (not on the sphere trigger for overlaps, nor on the particle effect itself, nor on the static mesh trigger box)
  • be able to click on this town portal to do something.

How do I set this up?

Currently I have a temporary solution by having a static mesh box in there, that seems to be detected by “Get hit result under cursor”. But it has to have collision enabled it seems for the click to work. Is there no way to click on the particle system itself?

Thanks in advance!


Its going to have to have collision of some sort if you want to click it and its not rendered through the HUD (i.e. you can click buttons without giving them collision). You can mess around with the collision settings so that the portal only interacts with your mouse click and nothing else in game, and you can also use that same static mesh, but make it invisible in game while still having collision.

I assume that’s the effect you’re going for…is there a particular reason you’re trying to avoid using collisions?

if I could make it so the collision only works with mouse clicks and nothing else in the game that would be great, what collision settings would I need for that? I have messed with the collision settings for hours on end with no good results.

well, I don’t want collision because it feels weird that the character bounces against the portal if just running through without clicking it.

Ok I got it working. For the people googling this, here’s what I did:

“Sphere” trigger: Set’s my boolean InRange in OnBeginOverlap and OnEndOverlap. The collision is set to “OverlapAll”.
“Trigger” static mesh: Set to hidden in game, tagged “TownPortal”, Collision set to “OverlapOnlyPawn”

I also have set up a custom trace channel “ClickToMove” which is set to ignore in the collision settings. This enables me to click on the floor underneath the portal, so I can still walk there when I’m out of range of the sphere trigger.