ClickerOps reloaded - Finishing up my Nov.GameJam entry

Current state of affairs:

More on this later. Tons and tons of work remains, but most of the features I wanted to add (but had no time for) are in place. Proper assets and maps is next on the todo list. And bugfixes. Loads and loads of bugfixes.

This is a great start -I like how you trap the bots in a cage before their destruction so as not to receive damage from flying shrapnel.

So… maybe time for an update!

Been grinding away on this, currently on revision 294, with pretty much non-stop work since New Year’s Eve. This has resulted in a situation where pretty much the entire gameplay framework is completed, with level streaming, checkpoints, saving/loading, random character stats generation, a radar showing enemy bots, player waypoints and a compass showing the direction/distance to the next waypoint, inventory stuff, four different pickups (three of which are sort of “weapons” but not really: a shield and EMP mines (seen in the old video above I think) and a power cell, which attracts bots for a few seconds - a useful distraction. The fourth pick-up item is an air filter (handy to prevent poisoning). There’s also an escape hatch that can be opened, at which point the atmosphere is rapidly evacuated from the current level while hopefully sucking out enemy bots with it (player needs to maintain a safe minimum distance or get sucked out themselves).

A number of small things have been moved over to C++, but the bulk is still BP. Probably a 10/90 distribution for code vs. nodes.

Anyway, tons of stuff, and what remains to do in the framework department is basically more iteration/polishing/bug fixing, but everything is in there and that’s a good thing it seems, even if some parts are, well, a bit iffy still. The HUD, for example, is almost entirely made of placeholders, but at least it works as intended…

So I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can safely dedicate some time to build proper assets. Yay! Been looking forward to that. A bunch of basic modular meshes have been built, and exactly one of them has actually received the full texturing treatment (pending more iterations of course). The rest are just AO + normals mixed up with a dash of baking errors.

Long story short, the project is currently in the following state:


…and will continue along those lines for at least a few months.

The last couple of days all available computers here have been enslaved to run SwarmAgents… Found Koola’s tweaked lightmass settings, and couldn’t resist trying them out. Oh dear.

Anyway… laters!

Building a New and Improved trapdoor, now with 145% more gratuitous animations and nonsense details:

LOL … that is fantastic. 8-}

Full high-res version of trapdoor done, maps baked, etcetera, and now I’m spending the idle saturday morning playing with some masks in Substance Designer. This is very unlikely to be the final “color” scheme… but, yeah, experimenting…


Wouldn’t hurt to optimize the base mesh a little… Will do that some other day…

So, just an update to indicate that final texturing has begun. The last few months I’ve been building ~30 different modular assets, each one comprised of low res meshes (with 2-3 LODs each), plus associated high-res meshes for baking. Everything fits together nicely.

Now they all need textures. First ones out, with something close to the intended look, are these pipe modules:


The meshes look like this:


…aaaand the texture set:


Some best looking pipes I’ve ever seen.

Good work. :slight_smile:

Most sexy Jim! … not that I normally find pipes sexy ( just in case you were thinking of commenting on that :-p )

I was, but now you’ve ruined it…

This looks really great…Good work!! :smiley:

@Maximum-Dev and ULLS: glad y’all like it.

So… some more stuff rolling off the assembly line. This is the third revision of the fourth total rebuild-from-scratch of the trapdoor. Really have to come up with a way to be less picky about stuff, but then again… ah well:


Technical details:


I love your texturing skills. Well done!
Render are Yebis2?

Correct. Just screen grabs from Substance Painter at this point to avoid being distracted by UE lighting possibilities, which would otherwise make me conveniently forget that there’s still a ton of assets that aren’t done yet…

Doing some work on the weapon system:

This mapping work is awesome. Did you use Substance Designer or Painter to do it?, I haven’t Substance yet and I’m thinking to get it to create better materials.

Greetings :slight_smile:

Very interesting system, The idea is customizing weapons?.


It’s both Designer and Painter. The former to build some custom substances, and the latter to put it all together. They are just great applications, and when using them both together, their overall greatness is multiplied.

Edit: yeah, the idea is to let the player find components that can then be used either on their own or combined together for additional power and destruction.

Thank you very much by the clarification, now I’m more sure that I have get Substance in the future. Keep it this work with this very interesting customizing weapon system.