Click on actor to play animation

Hello everybody,

I have some kind of an idea and i don’t even know how to start it.The thing is that i have an animation in my level(i just dragged that from content browser) and i want that when i click on the “actor” or animation or whatever to play another animation.I’ll give you a link so you can understand better what i’m talking about: Path of Exile: Character Creation - YouTube .

I can imagine that this is a very long process to make but maybe you can give me some directions and tips on how to make this work.Thank you!

It’s not at all hard.

You can play an animation via the simple node “Play” (when dragging out a wire from your animation).

So all you need is a blueprint for your thing that should play the animation, check if the player clicked on it and then play the animation you set.


here’s an example of making third person character in the third person template clickable:

  • create a basic hit detection sequence


  • enable clickable events and mouse cursor in your player controller


  • since the sequence in the player controller is using a visibility channel for collision detection, make sure the object you want to click, also has visibility collision as indicated in the image.

In this example, the character jumps when clicked on with a mouse.

thank you both for your answers. I know how to make it clickable but didnt know how to make it play the animation.I was looking for animation/play animation but never just for play.And guys, does unreal see that thing that i dragged into the level as an actor so i can move it to a target point with move to location?

Do you mean set location?

“Move to” is setup to work with a nav mesh and is specific to actors with an AI controller (so it needs to be a pawn or a child of pawn. Not just an actor).

You can however write your own move to function by simply interpolating to the new point (with “vinterp to”). It wouldn’t take care of obstacles and such but still allow you to move between points.

Well i’ll test those tomorrow since i’m not home right now but thanks for help. Do you mind if you add me on facebook? It’s easier for me to contact you there.
Redirecting... . Also there are a few thing i would like to talk to you about.Thanks!

No sorry. My facebook is private.

There is the forums, you can PM me on there. I can be around on some IRC or just ask here on the answerhub. But do keep in mind that I’m just helping here when there’s something I know and I have time.

I’m not a private mentor or anything of the sorts.

I managed to do it. I know i have to do a little bit of fixing on in but in essence it works. If you wonder how i made it or anybody else looking for something like this, this is how i made it: