Click not reading the right actor

Right so my code is there its a mega link, what its meant to do is when i click on one of the actors, its meant to show a green + and i should be able to move him. The problem is that when i click on one of the actors, the =! checking if the actor i clicked is the top down actor keeps giving true and i dont know why.

Ok! The collision you had set on MyCharacter meant that all line traces were being blocked by it’s own capsule. Changed it to ‘No collsion’ and everything works…

Also, the floor had no collision. Had to make a new one out of one of the smaller blocks…

It’s because the clicked actor is always MyCharacter_C. Why that is, I have no idea… :-/

OMG Thank you so much. I knew it would be something stupid just really didn’t know what, thought it was the code

The code looked really clean :slight_smile:

Love to take the credit but im on a course so i was kind of told, just they were taking to long helping haha