Click Events not working, even though they're enabled

Hi all,

My cube is set to print “Hello” when clicked. But the click events refuse to fire.
I have the following settings:

  1. My Player Controller has Show Mouse Cursor and Enable Click Events checked, with Default Click Trace Channel set to Visibility
  2. This Player Controller is set to the default in my Game Mode
  3. This Game Mode is set to default game mode in the World Settings

I know the Player Controller is working because I can see my mouse cursor. And my cube can already detect overlap with other actors. My camera is not very far away from my cube so I know this isn’t a line trace distance issue.
Any help for getting click events working is appreciated thank you in advance.

EDIT: Fixed! Instead of using an On Click Event, I did a line trace instead to get an actor reference. Screenshot of my line trace macro: