Click, drag and release properly

I am trying to click the screen with my LMB and drag to move an object to a locked direction and let go.
I would like to click anywhere on the screen to move this object, not just on the object.
Any ideas? Thanks for any help.

Okay some more info to help. I am just trying to click and hold anywhere on the screen to drag an object (pool stick) back on an axis with rot updated and let go. I already have the spring system, just can’t figure out how to grab the stick to pull back and let go. Thanks

Nothing yet? Surely someone knows what I am talking about. Thanks

There are a couple of tutorials on youtube, I don’t have access to youtube at the office, but search for “optimizing blueprints”, it’s a live stream from epic games, will give you an idea about it. There is also a level in the “Content Examples” project that has that functionality, you can check that out.

Basic idea is that you do a line trace from the mouse to the pool table’s surface, and based on where your mouse cursor intersects with the table, you move your pool stick to that location (on X and Y axis). You can then do a line trace from the tip of the pool stick to search for balls in front of it, so that the rotation updates to match the ball.

Thanks for the response. I haven’t found any tutorials yet that are remotely close, but I’ll keep looking. I am not sure what content example you are referring to. I have gone through just about every free asset and nothing with that ability, but I’ll keep looking on that too. I will also try to go the way you suggested with a line trace from mouse to table. Thanks again.