Click and Grab a mesh to move it

Hey, I was wondering how I would go about blueprinting this. I have a screw driver that turns into a key, but I want more player interaction with the object. The screw bit unscrews and so does the handle, which are okay because I know what I’m doing with that. But the actual base of the screwdriver has two prongs which when grabbed rotate on a pivot so you can then move them. In the pictures below you can see what the screwdriver looks like normal and when the prongs are pulled out. I want to know how I can blueprint the pulling out of the prongs, I want it so that when you hover over the prongs the cursor changes to a hand grab and when pressed you can then move the mouse down and swing to the correct position. I have tried multiple suggestions online but cant find the correct solution. Thank you for the help!!! ( yes I used paint haha)