CLI exportRegistration not follow the params xml file

I set many option the param xml file, export it from app CR (below image).

I set the coordinate system is “Project output”, but the actual result csv file is value at the “Grid Plane”.

The expert value of output:

The actual value of output:

My params is:
<Configuration id=“{2D5793BC-A65D-4318-A1B9-A05044608385}”>
<entry key=“MvsExportIsGeoreferenced” value=“0x1”/>
<entry key=“MvsExportMoveX” value=“0.0”/>
<entry key=“MvsExportMoveY” value=“0.0”/>
<entry key=“MvsExportMoveZ” value=“0.0”/>
<entry key=“MvsExportScaleX” value=“1.0”/>
<entry key=“calexFileFormat” value=“Comma-separated, Name, X, Y, Z, Omega, Phi, Kappa”/>
<entry key=“calexExportSettingsVisible” value=“1”/>
<entry key=“MvsExportScaleY” value=“1.0”/>
<entry key=“calexHasDisabled” value=“0x0”/>
<entry key=“MvsExportScaleZ” value=“1.0”/>
<entry key=“calexHasUndistort” value=“0x0”/>
<entry key=“MvsExportIsModelCoordinates” value=“0”/>
<entry key=“MvsExportcoordinatesystemtype” value=“1”/>

I think here have a error with command line: 


| exportRegistration | params.xml fileName |


Please check it.

Hello nang.nh,

we will check this. Which version of RealityCapture do you use? 

Hi Zuzana,
This is Version RC Release.

Whey you export your registration file via GUI, do you get correct coordinates in correct coordinate system? Did you set correct project output coordinate system?

Yes, i select correct coordinates systen.
My photo have been take of in the Tokyo, Japan. The coordinate system is WGS84 - 54N (epsg:32654). 
When i export registration in the UI, the value of XYZ is correct with coordinate system WGS84 - 54N. 
But with CLI, it’s not correct. The value of XYZ is the value when setting the grid plane.

Hi @Zuzana Ďuríčková CR,
Could you tell me how that’s problem?

Hello nang.nh,

I have replied to your message sent via our contact form. I asked for more information in order to understand your problem. Thanks.