CLI 4D Frame Processing (Frame Display)

Hi Capturing Reality,

I wonder if it might be useful for CR to add the Project Folder name into RC Hierarchy or to the top of the RC CLI Window UI?

Such as this:


This is a really required feature because if a user has to process 10,000’s of 4D frames, we really need the ability to be able to check which current frame RC CLI is processing. Otherwise we are flying blind.

Yes we can go into “Images” and check the image path but we need a quick indication displayed, rather than having to check nested locations.




This drives me crazy when dealing with a heap of files. I end up clicking one of the exports buttons to see what the filename is then cancel the export. Really needs to just be visible on the GUI like you said.


in the current version we changed the way how a project name is displayed in the window title bar. It is more contrast w.r.t. the title background color and it is also displayed so that a ribbon context bar does not shorten the project name.

For the next release we added also a saving location as, indeed, it is useful.

Thanks for a tip.