Clear Timer by Function Name or Clear Timer by Event

Please give us the “Clear Timer by Function Name” node back.

I don’t always want to have to save a TimerHandle every time I want to clear a timer. I just want to clear all timers running a function.

What was the problem with that node in 4.8, why have you removed it? We can still set the Timer by Function Name in 4.9, why not clear it too?

If you don’t want to have it by name, please add a node like this:


I just want to have a way to not need dozens of non-local “TimerHandle” variables.

I agree with this, i enjoyed the functionality of clearing it by name

I think that the ‘By Name’ functionality will be a thing of the past soon, FTimerHandle was introduced to C++ around 4.4 / 4.5 era as a replacement for the old method, and they’re much easier to manage!

With introduction of FTimerHandle, timers are no longer identified via pair of object and function pointers (because it did’t allow to use 2 timers on same function in same object as well as using game timer to work on diffrent functions) thats why “by name” can’t really work anymore. The string function name was pretty hackish workaround too, it was made because blueprint does not support function pointers (or references as you would say).

But i like idea of getting delegate pin for function instead of event, technically events are normal functions but just cosmetically diffrent