Clear Session Interface Delegate

I’m getting a problem with clearing delegates from Session Interface.
Every time that a UserWidget called “HostGame_UserWidget” is added to viewport it should clear all binds for “OnCreateSessionCompleteDelegate” and bind a new UObject. I know how to bind the UObject (A function called “OnCreateSessionComplete”), but I really don’t know how to clear the existing binds.

Here is my code that do that stuff:

void UHostGame_UserWidget::NativeConstruct()
    UMultiplayer_GameInstance* GameInstanceRef = Cast<UMultiplayer_GameInstance>(GetGameInstance()); Super::NativeConstruct();
    if (GameInstanceRef->SessionInterface.IsValid())
        // I need to clear OnCreateSessionCompleteDelegate here, but I don't know how this function works. 

        // Here I Bind the "OnCreateSessionComplete". There's no problem here.
        GameInstanceRef->SessionInterface->OnCreateSessionCompleteDelegates.AddUObject(this, &UHostGame_UserWidget::OnCreateSessionComplete);

void UHostGame_UserWidget::OnCreateSessionComplete(FName ServerName, bool Success)
    //Some code here... 

Is the function “ClearOnCreateSessionCompleteDelegates()” used for clear binds?

Store your delegate in a FDelegateHandle. Check this out: How To Use Sessions in C++