Clear "invisible" broken soft references?

I’m trying to “migrate” assets from a temporary project to my main project, and I get warnings about missing soft references. Once migrated, I can see that the “missing soft references” still exist in the target project. I’d like to clear/replace them, but for that, they would need to be displayed/accessible somewhere, which they don’t seem to be.

What I’m generally doing atm, is for all Marketplace asset I bought, that I want to add to my project now, I first create an empty project, add the marketplace assets to it, and start moving them around until they are where they should be. This is usually a “20 steps process”, as the editor will foil most of my attempts at moving stuff by downright crashing, or simply failing to correctly update references, and corrupting assets. A VCS is essential for such a task, as I have to keep trying to move things in a different order, and reverting, until it eventually works without crash/corruption.

Anyway, in this particular case, those are just a bunch of static meshes, along with materials and textures, and for some reason, in the References Viewer, the materials show a “white” (hard) reference to the textures at the current (moved) location, and a purple (soft) references to those same textures, in the old location (where they obviously are not anymore, since they were moved, rather than copied). If I open the material, I can see the correct (hard) references to the textures at their new location, but nowhere do I see the soft/incorrect references to the textures at their old location. Since the Reference Viewer does not “label” the references, I see no way of knowing where/how those invalid references exist. I do not either see any generic “clear soft references” action anywhere, so atm I see no way of fixing this.

I tried fixup redirectors, and resave-all, and neither helped.

It would all be so much easier, if Epic saved everything in text format (except stuff like actual images and sounds), so you could just dive in, and fix the data with a text editor. Or, even better, if they would finally fix their “move” function to actually work correctly and reliably.

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Any clue on that? This is really a big deal

Do backup of both projects. Then try to force either deleting references or replace them with some dummy mesh reference.
Usually deleting references does not mess project.