Clear and Invalidate Timer Broken?

I have found an issue apparently with the “Clear and Invalidate Timer by Handle” node, it returns an error claiming that the handle isn’t populated when the execution pin is connected to anything other than a “set timer by event” node. When connected to the true of a branch, or any other node it returns an error. I am assuming this is a bug?

I see, i guess the handles needing to be stored as a variable have changed since the video i was watching as reference did it. As in that he had no issue hooking things up as i initially described: Unreal Engine 4 - Sprinting and Stamina Bar (Part 1) - YouTube

I shall try storing the handle as a variable and see if that has better results. Thanks.

For those also encountering this issue: you need to promote the Timer Handle to a variable. It tries to set the Handle to NULL, but it cannot modify the output of a function.