Clear all decals from level

I’ve set up a target range and I’m trying to find a way to reset the target from bullet decals. I’m using a decal var spawned from an actor class. I can set up a custom event where I get all actors from class, put in decal actor and destroy on a click event but it only destroys one decal each click. So if I shot 10 times I would have to click 10 times to get rid of them all. Not ideal. I tried destroying the target actor and respawning but that doesn’t destroy the decals and when the target moves to where the decals are they show up. Is there a simple way to just destroy all decals in a level?

When you get all actors from class and it gives you an array, just do a for each loop to destroy them all.


Another option could be is when you spawn a decal, add it to an array, and when you are ready to remove the decals, just do a for each loop on that array that’s holding them all and remove them.

Your 1st suggestion worked perfectly thanks.