CleanUp Project (old not referenced files show up at build)

Hello, i’m current trying to clean up my project, i got a lot’s of warning when i build my project, all are talking about very old assets i removed. I have nothing in my game referencing these files but they appear in warning at build time. I don’t know where to search these references and neither how to clean this.

All errors are of this type:

PackagingResults: Warning: Failed to load '/Game/Test/singleInstance/BluePrints/Version': Can't find file.
PackagingResults: Warning: Failed to load '/Game/Test/singleInstance/BluePrints/Version': Can't find file.
PackagingResults: Warning: Failed to find object 'Class /Game/Test/singleInstance/BluePrints/Version.Version_C'

Nothing say to me from where is this error. When i search this file’s path in the reference viewer, there is nothing referencing it and it reference nothing, i just got a null object in front of me, like typing random thing. So i don’t know where these references are, it seam it is in the project itself.

I would appreciate if someone know how to fix this or have any information about what file is referencing these things.
Thank you.

[up] Please can someone help me?

I tried to start from a new blank project and the error is still there. my problem is somewhere in the editor, it is possible that a plugin was not correctly cleared long time ago but not since 4.21, so i installed three editors since this moment. I think my only way is to uninstall totally UE4 and restart from fresh.

I uninstalled the editor and the epic launcher and the problem is still there… I don’t understand, i don’t want to reinstall windows (and i’m even not sure that may work). These errors are here each time i launch the editor in the log too, also in new project created from my newly installed editor. Please someone know from where that come from? Registry? Epic Account?