Cleaning up mo cap for UE4

Hi there,

How hard is it to clean up motion capture data? I am not an expert animator, but I have played around with it a bit.

I am currently debating if I should get an affordable mo cap suit, or stick with key frame animations. Looking to design a semi-realistic medieval fighting game.

Depends on how good you are 3dsmax/maya/motion builder etc…

Also what do you mean by “affordable?” Something around 10k usd will give you better results than kinect sensor “mocaps” for sure.

Depending on your game you can use “motion libraries” for individual combat & running etc…animations and “clean and adjust” them for your needs.

Not very good with Maya honestly, but I plan on learning it. Never touched motion builder so may have to look into that as well.

Not a kinect sensor, not a 10k solution :slight_smile: