Cleaning Up After Building From Source


I’ve been slowly getting my head around working with the UE4 source code and being a beginner (of several years) programmer, I can say this thing is a beast. Lots of lovely features and such. So, I’ve started on a custom build of the engine, implementing Nvidia’s VXGI and FleX. I know there are a few versions of this floating around and mad props to the awesome people. However, those versions that merged Nvidia’s tech either lagged behind (I’m wanting to work with 4.10) or only implement one piece of tech. I specifically just wanted VXGI and FleX (eventually HairWorks and others perhaps). That’s the back-story. I’m pretty sure I have a working build of 4.10 with VXGI and FleX now (that latest version of VXGI runs a lot faster for me!).

My inquery, as the title implies, concerns cleaning up after building from source. Forking, cloning, merging, getting dependencies, building, etc. introduces a lot of new friends into the picture. I’m wanting a nice clean base with just the essentials that I work from, resting easy that I have a compressed back up and I still have my engine source to hammer on and update elsewhere. I sat there and diff’d with an installed UE4 setup, and trimmed quite a lot, but this seemed dangerous and more than once I ran into issues. I’m developing on Windows and targeting it too, but if I can condense my tools and still be able to package for other platforms, yay!

I’ve been working at this for 24+ hours now, and have read a lot of documentation, threads on the forums, articles on the wiki and from one end of the web to about 2 webimeters in the other. I simply can’t find any magic bullet instructions that lay out how to do this. Any direction or simple answer? Thanks a ton for any help!