Cleaner Organization of Variable Categories and Subcategories.

Unreal Engine has a sweet feature for categorizing variables, and an even sweeter feature to where you can add subcategories.

It even organizes them nicely in both the Details panel of the Editor as well as in the Blueprint Editor, as seen below:


…well, sort of nicely. The problem with this is that as you see, the subcategories are put under a separate parent category tab.

It should look like this:


In the second case, not only are you saving precious screen space by removing the header (every bit counts when your details panel is full of variables you’re trying to monitor or edit), but also when you minimize your top-level category tab, it minimizes all of your variables under that category. This gfy should never happen!

It may be a minor change, but for those of us who use variable subcategories it feels like a pretty big quality of life improvement.

*Note: *This also applies to sub-sub-categories - i.e. “My Category | Child Category | Grandchild Category”, as seen below:


Check the spelling of your “My Category”, maybe some spaces are there, that confuse Details panel. Event My Category | Subcategory. That spaces around | are counted as part of the name, so your trees diverged (looks like you base category is called “My Category”, not "My Category " )
Actually I vote for automatic sanitizing of entered Category names by editor, and make Category|Subcategory syntax same in C++ code. There we use Category:Subcategory, for some reason.

This is definitely looks like one category written with space and another without. UE4 automatically add spaces for “visualization” of variable/category name while allowing to keep proper names for objects

I thought it was spacing until I saw Input. Maybe theres a space there though.

Well, TIL. I didn’t know it should be the the format of “Category|Category”, not “Category | Category”

Then I ask instead the same thing as Yata, that this sort of stuff gets sanitized automatically.

Sorry for asking a year later… but how does Unreal auto-arrange these subcategories? I can’t rearrange them manually. And Unreal simply places them kinda randomly. Not alphabetically. Not manually. How?..

It’s a mystery for over 2 years now: Reorder variable Categories in Class Defaults - Unreal Engine Forums